LadiesFirst!2018 Highlights

See how much fun we had!

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Cares Tour 2018 Highlights

Tooro Kingdom, Sights and Sounds of Uganda, Charity Visits

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About Miss Uganda North America
Empowering Ugandan women globally

The Miss Uganda North America Leadership Program is a child program of the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA). It is part of UNAA’s initiatives to unite and improve the livelihoods of Ugandans in North America and Uganda.

We support young Ugandan women living or studying in North America to achieve their educational and leadership goals by promoting awareness of global issues and their cultural heritage. We create opportunities for them to connect with Ugandan and international communities globally to discover ways to collaborate on business, women’s issues, education, charity and other initiatives.

Our Objective

We support young Ugandan women living or studying
in North America to achieve their e
ducational and leadership
goals by promoting awareness of global issues and their
cultural heritage.

Our Values


Our Impact

Empowering young women to go out and lead on global issues.
Educating communities to empower women as leaders.
Creating leadership and business opportunities for young women.


Towards Educational Goals
Meet and learn from role models
Travel and contextualize global issues

Past Events
From North America to Kampala


Jan 19th 2018. It was all about the women!

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Cares Tour of Uganda

5th - 12th Jan. 2018. Tourism, Culture, Charity tour of Uganda

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Miss Uganda North America 2017

Held in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida

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