Chicago 2019: Empowered by Diversity

The 2019 Miss Uganda North America Leadership Bootcamp and Beauty Pageant featuring the class of 2019/20 will be held in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois. The Pageant will take place on Friday August 30th at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

This year’s theme is Empowered by DiversityWomen bring so much uniqueness to society. Uniqueness can be in the form of ancestry, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, preferences, lifestyle, past experiences and much more. The aim of this theme is to work with our Class of 2019 to explore how this diversity can be used to better the world, and to spread a message of tolerance by celebrating the richness of culture and the strength of society that are created by diversity.

As usual, the event kicks off at 5:00 PM with an hour of red carpet unveiling and photography for VIPs and networking. The pageant starts at 6:00 PM prompts. Performers to look forward to include Fille, Geosteady, Naira Ali and Kenneth Mugabi.

The Miss Uganda North America Leadership Program was started in 2017 as a partnership between Inzozi Fashion House and the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA). Today it has grown into an independent leadership program and continues to successfully execute various initiatives around the globe to implement its objectives.

The program supports young Ugandan women living or studying in North America to achieve their educational and leadership goals by promoting awareness of global issues and their cultural heritage. It also creates opportunities for them to connect with Ugandan and international communities globally to discover ways to collaborate on business, women’s issues, education, charity and other initiatives. Recently, the founders of Miss Uganda North America spun off a new program – African Women Lead – that will extend its initiatives to all African women around the globe.

We look forward to unveiling the Class of 2019/20!

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    Mariam Tusiime

    Thank you so much for the initiative to promote an African woman and Uganda in particular..
    I shall be part of the African Women lead..
    Don’t leave me behind..
    Thank you.

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