Etiquette for a Beauty Queen

Are you ready, queens? This being our first Miss Uganda North America makes it very Exciting! But first things first – what makes a beauty queen a real queen?

  • Shoulders back, head high – stand tall and proud at all times.
  • Firm handshakes.
  • Smile – you’re infectious.
Pay It Forward
  • Show politeness and kindness.
  • Be caring and helpful.
  • Please and Thank You go a long way.
  • Treat other contestants with respect.
  • Create warmth everywhere you go by being positive and wearing a smile.
  • Be yourself and be confident in it. Your talents, your past experiences and your dreams should be the source of your unique personality.
  • The dress should always be on-point. Dare to stand out – but in a good way.
  • Grooming: hair done, nails done, skin cleansed and moisturised. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune: do-it-yourself is just fine.
  • Speak up and punctuate your statements.
  • Practice your speaking – until you’re able to respond to questions without going off-topic, eloquently and with authenticity.
  • Maintain eye-contact with your interviewer – even when it’s a crowd.
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    Hi you all. How are you. My name is Emille M. Nabweteme first former Miss Wilbur Wright College 2016/2017 in the history. How old to be Miss Uganda North America ?

    1. Miss Uganda North America Admin
      Miss Uganda North America Admin

      Hello Emily. Applications are now closed. The age limit is 18 – 35. Please check again with us next year and keep following Miss Uganda North America. Nice to meet you!

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