Event MC: Adoch

Florida-based Fashion Icon, Model and Entrepreneur, Adoch, will co-host this year’s Miss Uganda North America Beauty Pageant in Miami, Florida, alongside Ugandan comedian Alex Muhangi.

Standing at 6’0 ft. tall, Adoch gets the attention as she walks into a room, making her a sought-after international model and keeps your attention with her personality and character.

Born in Kampala, Uganda, Adoch has lived in many countries on different continents. She is currently based in Florida, where she runs a new venture -Latam Wic , (translates to Cloth for Head) – a head wrap company that she started last year as a hobby, based on individuals inquiring about her fabulous head wraps she wears. She has recently expanded by adding a notebook collection called “Soulful Thoughts,” which are notebooks wrapped with authentic African and African inspired fabrics.

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An advocate for all things Africa, she makes it a mission to connect, educate, inform and inspire others to embrace their culture and love where they came from. She is fortunate enough to have partnered with companies such as Ankara Miami, whose mission is to promote progressive people and trends within the African Diaspora.

“My ambition in life has always been to help others achieve their goals and dreams with the “Gifts”that I have been blessed with. I am passionate about helping others and finding solutions to improve situations.”

Adoch also uses her life experiences to mentor to children and young adults in different organizations through speaking arrangements and teaching classes.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13) and together (united) we can change someone’s world. I put no limits to what I can accomplish.”

Read more about Adoch in our contestants magazine.

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