Meet Yvonne Kushemererwa – 2017/18 Queen

We sat down with Yvonne Kushemererwa to chat about her journey to this point, and what plans she has for her reign.

I’m no longer afraid to fail. I’m more afraid not to try.

Why did you decide to run for Miss Uganda North America?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had this insatiable urge to share the beauty of my motherland. I do it through my music and my anecdotal posts on social media.  I felt like this would be yet another great platform not only to share our beauty and diversity but to also bring attention to our wounds and encourage discussions about healing.

How did you overcome the disadvantage of being the only contestant from Canada?

I tuned my frequency to a higher power. I knew it was not going to be easy being the only one from Canada but I knew that God had already smoothened my sailing.

To what do you owe your victory at Miami 2017?

I believe that my confidence and passion oozed out spontaneously throughout the pageant.  Winning miss Talent also boosted my scores I believe.

Most importantly though, I attribute my success to God who had already put it on my heart. I actually had a dream that I won the pageant a couple of weeks before I flew to Miami.

What is next for Yvonne Kushe as Miss Uganda North America? What is your vision for your impact as the wearer of the crown?

Its definitely going to be a busy year for me. My vision is to inspire Ugandans both at home and in the diaspora to realize their potential in being catalysts and conduits for the change that they want to see in their communities.

I will be travelling to Uganda in the beginning of 2018 to work and partner with different organisations that support people suffering from mental health issues. I hope to create awareness about the stigmatization of mental illnesses in Uganda and how it affects all of us.

While in Uganda, I will also embark on a cultural tour which will showcase our beautiful wildlife and the continuous efforts to conserve it.

Should we expect a new music single from the one and only Miss Uganda North America 2017/2018?

Yes! I will be releasing some tunes very soon.

What lessons / experiences do you take from contesting in Miami?

I learned that passion, grit and determination will always lead to something amazing. Whether I won or not, I knew that challenging myself to do something so far from what I’m used to would teach me a thing or two about my character. I’m no longer afraid to fail. I’m more afraid not to try.

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