Miss Uganda North America to Promote Tourism

Miss Uganda North America’s 2017 Beauty Queen will promote tourism to Uganda in collaboration with Kibira Safaris, our 2017 Platinum Travel Sponsor.

This year’s Miss Uganda North America Beauty Queen will become a tourism ambassador for Uganda, helping to promote a culture of tourism to Ugandans living in the diaspora. Her activities will include hosting tourism related events in the diaspora and being an influencer of tourism to Uganda. This arrangement will be in collaboration with Kibira Safaris Travel and Tours.

The beauty pageant has been revamped as a leadership program to encourage young Ugandan women living in the diaspora to be engaged as leaders in their local North American communities and on the global stage. Tourism is a big contributor to Uganda’s GDP, fetching 7.3 billion Uganda Shillings in 2015/2016. With the Diaspora sending a lot of money to family, friends and investors back home, the Tourism industry stands to benefit if Ugandans in the diaspora are convinced to put more money aside for touring their motherland.

One of Miss Uganda North America’s first activities will include a Tourism trip to Uganda, sponsored by Kibira Safaris, Crystal Lodges Uganda and Mahogany Springs.

Using the Miss Uganda North America program to market Uganda’s beauty to Ugandans in the diaspora gives us a lot of pride because no one should be more proud of where we come from than ourselves. Also, our Beauty Queen will have direct access to the international community in North America. Her voice will easily sell Uganda and create more opportunities for Ugandan tourism abroad. We are proud to be a part of this venture!

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