Official Statement on Recent Protests over Police Brutality in America

Miss Uganda North America as a platform strives to empower young Black women and bring awareness to global issues. We have watched the violence towards Black lives – that is often brought upon them by law enforcement, leading to broken families and mistrust towards authorities. It is part of a wider systematic problem of disproportionate treatment of African Americans and other people of color. We stand in solidarity with the Black community to be a part of the process towards justice and equality.

To me, solidarity means action. The world needs to take action against racism. I encourage you to send emails to your representatives asking for change, sign petitions, donate, peacefully protest, and educate yourselves on the matters at hand.

I stand with equality. I stand with justice.  Black Lives Matter.

Yours truly,
Vanessa Nansamba,
Miss Uganda North American 2019/20

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