Episode 2: Have you checked out NAMI?

While looking for different mental health resources, I came across a gem called the National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI. NAMI is a non-profit organization that works to educate the community about mental health and advocate for people with mental illness. There are a variety of educational programs, health workshops, and services that they provide that may interest you.

What NAMI has to offer:

  • FREE access to recovery support specialists 7 days a week
  • peer-to-to programs to help people learn more about relapse
  • employment programs
  • family support groups
  • family-to-family groups
  • mental health presentations
  • A drop-in center for people living with a mental health condition
  • and more.

This past week I attended their “Mindfulness Tools for Well-Being” presentation and left with various helpful tips for keeping calm when anxious or frustrated. We practiced meditation, learned the impact of affirmations, and discovered how it’s difficult to overthink while singing. As a constant over thinker, I am often in my head about what has occurred and the possibilities of the future. With these mindfulness tips, I found for the past week I am able to live in the present and sing my way into letting go of things I can’t change. Now, I am no Beyonce but I can say I’ve been having some quality live performances in my car through traffic.

NAMI has 48 state organizations and over 600 affiliations. Take some time to find one near you and check it out! If you want to take an extra step, you can become a member of NAMI. Your membership would open you to online discussions and tips on how to be a mental health advocate.

For more information about the National Alliance on Mental Illness and what they have to offer you, visit: https://www.nami.org

Until next time,
Queen Vanessa

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